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Our Products

HPLC Columns

New HPLC columns are introduced every year. Most of them are simple variations of previously produced columns, and in majority of the cases capitalize and explore a single interaction – either reversed-phase or HILIC.

Flash Columns

Helix Chromatography is offering flash columns for normal phase, reversed-phase, ion-exchange and mixed-mode chromatography under HelixFlash(™) brand.

Method Development

HELIX Chromatography provides several options for Method Development Services. Experience scientists will be assigned to the project to develop your methods. We will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if your company requires this.

Analytical Standards

Helix Chromatography is offering Chemical Standards and Reagents for Analytical Chemistry. This includes LC and GC standards, Environmental standards, and Reagents for Wet Chemistry.


Column and Silica Gel Recycling Program

HELIX Chromatography is offering a recycling program for universities and pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, and food companies wishing to recycle their analytical and preparative HPLC columns. Our recycling program will allow you to consolidate your LC column recycling and not to worry about what to do with old chromatography columns.

Publishing Service for Your Research or an Article

HELIX Chromatography is offering to publish your scientific research, a method or an article about chromatography on our website. If you are an independent researcher or a group which are trying to get his/her name out you can use our tool to promote and publish your research. We even will pay for the articles which involve our columns, products, and services. We accept articles in English, German, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Spanish at this point. The articles in a foreign language will be translated into English.

Recent Applications

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