HPLC Analysis of Cetylpyridinium on Coresep SB Mixed-Mode Column

HPLC Analysis of Cetylpyridinium on Coresep SB Mixed-Mode Column chromatogram
Conditions of Experiment
Coresep SB
Separation Modes:
RP, cation-exclusion
Column Dimenstions: 3.0 x 100 mm, 2.7 um, 90A
Mobile Phase: ACN/water/phosphoric acid
Detection: UV 255 nm
Sample: 0.2 mg/ml
Injection: 1 uL
Flow rate: 0.6 ml/min
1. Cetylpyridinium

Class of compounds: Aromatic base, Surfactant
Nature of compounds: Basic, Hydrophobic

Application description

Cetylpyridinium chloride is a surfactant widely used in various industries. It is hydrophobic and basic in nature. Cetylpyridinium demonstrates poor performance and peak shape in reversed-phase chromatography due to residual silanol interactions. In mixed-mode chromatography a polar ionizable group on the surface can prevent interaction between basic molecule like cetylpyridinium and residual silanols. Absence of silanol interactions guarantees a better than in RP chromatography peak shape. Mixed-mode HILIC approach allows to retain compounds either based on multiple or single mechanisms interaction, thus providing a valuable approach for analysis. The method can be used for analysis of other hydrophobic and basic surfactants.

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