HELIX Research Solutions offers HPLC seminars for Mixed-Mode Technology, HPLC troubleshooting, and hands-on method development. Agenda for the training is coming soon. Seminars cover 4 hours of theory and practice in Mixed-Mode Method Development. Each seminar can accommodate up to 30 people with $300/person and capped at $6,000 per seminar/training. Minimum charge is $3,000 and can accommodate up to 10 people.

New Advances in Multi-Dimensional Chromatography. Theory, Practice and Method Development

  1. Introduction
  2. Single-Mode Chromatography Review of reversed-phase, ion-exchange, HILIC separations
  3. Bi-Modal Chromatography. Overview of stationary -phases and methods
  4. Tri-modal separations for analysis of complex mixtures and compositions
  5. MixedMode and Core-Shell – Combining High Efficiency with Unique Selectivity
  6. Method Development in MixedMode chromtography. Column and mobile phase selection, mechanisms of interactions, applications, and approaches for analysis of complex mixtures.
  7. Introduction to Hydrogen-Bonding. Theory and Practical aspects.
  8. Practical method development.
  9. Q&A