Column and Silica Gel Recycling Program

HELIX Chromatography is offering a recycling program for universities and pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, and food companies wishing to recycle their analytical and preparative HPLC columns. We have a process of recovering silica gels and polymers for re-use in our R&D projects. Column hardware is recycled and used for our new non-commercial stationary phases. This program allows us to keep our prices lower and offer our columns for universities at a significant discount, helping young scientists learn more about chromatography. Our recycling program will allow you to consolidate your LC column recycling and not to worry about what to do with old chromatography columns.

Some of the steps involved in the recycling process:

  • Sorting columns by type of support, particles size, and manufacturer.
  • Emptying columns and collecting silica gel or polymer materials.
  • Washing silica gel or polymer materials with ACN/water in order to remove possible buffers and other inorganic matter contamination
  • Filtering and washing silica gel with water
  • Burning any organic matter and stationary phase ligands in a high-temperature oven.
  • Washing empty hardware and removing all labels
  • Re-using silica gel in experimental stationary phases and using the hardware to pack these new materials

For a nominal fee, we will take care of your old and used chromatography columns and give them a new life. If your company policy requires signing CDA/NDA we will gladly do this.

Please contact us at [email protected]

Used HPLC columns 1 Used HPLC columns 1 Used hplc column 2