HPLC Analysis of Drug Codeine on Coresep 100 Mixed-Mode Column

Application description

Codeine is an opioid medication used for treatment of mild to moderate pain. Codeine is hydrophobic and basic in nature. It is retained on mixed-mode core-shell Coresep 100 HPLC column by combination of reversed-phase and cation-exchange mechanisms. Codeine is well retained with good peak shape. The column and the method can be used for analysis of codeine and other opioids in various sample matrices. This method is compatible with UV, ELSD, CAD and mass spec. Core-shell mixed-mode columns offer combination of unique selectivity and high efficiency while using regular equipment.

Conditions of Experiment
Column: Coresep 100
Separation Modes: reversed-phase and cation-exchange
Column Dimenstions: 3.0 x 100 mm
Mobile Phase: 45% ACN with 20 mM AmFm pH 3
Detection: UV 275 nm
Sample: 0.3 mg/ml
Injection: 1 uL
Flow rate: 0.8 mL/min
Class of compounds: Aromatic base, Controlled substance, Drug
Nature of compounds: Basic, Hydrophobic
Compounds: Codeine