Aniline (herbicide precursor)

HPLC Separation of Hydrophilic Amines on Amaze SC Mixed-Mode Column with LC/MS Compatible Conditions
Conditions of Experiment
Column: Amaze SC
Separation Modes: reversed-phase cation-exchange
Column Dimenstions: 3.0x100 mm, 5 μm, 100A
Mobile Phase: 30% ACN with 50 mM AmFm pH 3
Detection: UV 250 nm
Sample: 0.3 mg/ml
Injection: 2 μL
Flow rate: 0.6 ml/min
Class of compounds: Amines, Aromatic base, Pyridine
Nature of compounds: Basic, Hydrophilic, Polar
Compounds: Aniline (herbicide precursor), Pyridine, 2-Aminopyridine, 4-Aminophenol, 2,6-Lutidine
Baseline HPLC Separation of 19 Acidic, Basic and Neutral Pesticides and Antibiotics on Coresep 100 Mixed-Mode Column
Conditions of Experiment
Column: Coresep 100
Separation Modes: reversed-phase, cation-exchange, anion-exclusion
Column Dimenstions: 3.0 x 100 mm
Mobile Phase: ACN gradient from 15% to 60%, AmFm pH 3 from 30 mM to 80 mM, in 7 min, 3 min hold
Detection: UV 275 nm
Sample: 0.1-0.3 mg/ml
Injection: 1 uL
Flow rate: 0.7 mL/min
Class of compounds: Amino acid, Antibiotic, Aromatic acid, Aromatic base, Aromatic compound, Drug, Fungicide, Herbicide, Insecticide, Pesticide
Nature of compounds: Acidic, Basic, Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Neutral, Polar, Zwitterionic
Compounds: Clopyralid (herbicide), Sulfadiazine, Aniline (herbicide precursor), Cefepime (antibiotic), Metribuzin, Bromacil, 2,4-D, Diphenamid, 2,4,5-T, Captan (fungicide), 2,4-DB, Folpet, Diazinon, Azinphos Ethyl, Chlorpyrifos Methyl, Phoxim, Benfluralin (herbicide), Dicofol, Hexachlorobenzene